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Big Wheel Design Co.

Big Wheel Design Co. is a creative interior design company based in San Diego! Our specialty is creating Scandinavian style spaces that promote a sense of calm, comfortable and joyful living environments for socializing or retreating in.

Let us help you tell your story... through thoughtful design

Principal Designer & Founder

Steph Libby

Remember those days of freedom? Your first big wheel or bike. No responsibilities, just wind in your hair, and endless daydreaming.

That’s the feeling I’m always trying to go back to. 

The freedom to design and engineer a bike ramp with my little brother’s booster seat (hmmm…), plywood taken from the yard, and a skateboard (hmmm…). The proudness of my own bike, while rocking my favorite tank & skirt and of course, bare feet. Poor choice of no helmet, but hey, my face says what my heart felt. Yeah Baby! Flying through the air from my design! 

I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2018 when our travel trailer had a squishy floor and if you own any kind of trailer… water is NOT your friend. My design & engineering brain went wild with the possibilities. Yes, it would be hard. Yes, I cried. Yes, I sweated and swore. Yes, I finished it and yes, I was proud. 

During the pandemic, my family and I decided to buy a fixer upper in Tahoe and renovate it ourselves. I designed, project managed, and helped with construction before opening it up, as a successful short term rental that I continue to manage and style.

In 2023 we bought a lake house in Maine. Full of hidden charm that I loved uncovering and designing with and around. From the overall project design and management, along with some physical labor, this whole house design project has been my favorite so far!

If you are planning a vacay in New England or Tahoe, check us out!

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